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Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa is located in Salamanca, considered an icon in history. We can almost say that we participated in one of the most decisive historical events: The Discovery of America.

Everything dates back to 1336, when the Hacienda was donated to the Dominican Order by Doña Inés de Limoges becoming then in a monastery. In that moment, the spirit and purpose of the Hacienda was born: to provide with accommodation and food care – with its own produce- to the professors of the University of Salamanca as well as honorable guests who were passing through.

In 1487, Christopher Columbus spent a long period of time in the monastery where he managed to convince people, together with Fray Diego de Deza, personal confessor to the Queen Isabella I of Castile, of the viability of the new route to the Indies. This was certified at the historic “Valcuevo Conferences”.

At The Haciendas Company we continue the historical legacy of more than 700 years, restoring the ancient tradition of the winemaking haciendas, with produce from our own Organic Farm and as well as inviting guests to discover the unique and unrepeatable experiences that Hacienda Zorita has to offer.


Doña Inés de Limoges and Dominicans




Don Antonio de Solís and the Expropriation of Mendizábal

1950 – 1999

Ruins of the flour mill


Hacienda Zorita


Private Villas, Organic Farm, The Haciendas Club..