In 1487 Christopher Columbus stayed at Hacienda Zorita as a guest of the Dominicans during the months of the historic Valcuevo Conferences, where Columbus tried to convince Fray Diego de Deza, Prior of the Dominicans and confessor to Queen Isabella I of Castille and the Dominican professors of the University of Salamanca about the viability of the new route to the Indies. And he did convince them!

Hacienda Zorita is therefore the place where one of the most decisive events in the history of mankind was forged: the Discovery of America.

“And it is to be given to the Bishop of Palencia (Fr. Diego de Deza) has always, ever since I came to Castile, favored me and desired my honor (…) He who was the cause of Their Highnesses’ presence in the Indies and that I should remain in Castile, when I was about to leave”

Christopher Columbus – Letter from Columbus to Fr. Diego de Deza. December 21, 1504