The H Club is more than a club, it is a lifestyle; it is the Club of the good life; dynamic, inclusive and where people are the ones that matter. For those who love wine, fine dining and having fun 365 days a year…This is your club!

We organize unforgettable experiences at Hacienda Zorita and at our Club in Madrid, so that they will last in your memory for a lifetime: fun and dynamic wine tastings,, off-the-menu suggestions … endless activities in which the member is the protagonist. Every year, we select our best products from the Douro Valley and reserve them for everyone who is part of The H Club.

Limited productions, artisan elaborations … Quality is essential and time is fundamental to achieve excellence in each of them. The best way to understand it? It is by enjoying the “A Taste of Zorita” experience, there you will understand and feel what we are from the beginning.

For more information, our Club team will be happy to assist you, you can dial 209 if you call from your room or +34 923 129 400 if you call from your mobile. Or if you prefer, you can send us an email to